DAX Index 20.03.09 - 18.00: Wide Long

05.09.08 - 20.03.09: +737 points

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In the Chart you see the index DAX. The arrows show the purchase and sales signals. About that the capital curve is marked. She shows the performance of the commercial signals DAX since 05.09.08 in DAX points. In the Chart you see all signals just how they were published, it does not concern Backtesting results. You find the results from the Backtesting under Backtesting. The topical signal is normally published between 18.00 o'clock and 19.00 o'clock. To the calculation of the signals the course of the index DAX which is already certain at the time of the publication is used of the Close. Transaction costs and financing expenses are not considered with the calculation. You find an example of the conversion of the commercial signals under realistic conditions with consideration of transaction costs and financing expenses as well as account to a course which is not known at the time of the publication yet under pattern depot. All contents serve only for the information and show no investment consultation or request on the purchase or sales of securities or derivatives. Please, Disclaimer follow!


All commercial signals from the 05.09.08 - 06/03/09

Start End Position Net profit Capital curve Enterbasis Exitbasis
9/5/2008 10/29/2008 Short 1,318.75 1,319.75 6,127,440 4,808,690
10/30/2008 11/11/2008 Long -107,72 1,212.03 4,869,300 4,761,580
11/11/2008 11/27/2008 Short 96.31 1,308.34 4,761,580 4,665,270
12/1/2008 12/3/2008 Short -172,45 1,135.89 4,394,790 4,567,240
12/5/2008 12/8/2008 Short -334,41 801.48 4,381,470 4,715,880
12/8/2008 12/22/2008 Long -76,86 724.62 4,715,880 4,639,020
1/2/2009 1/8/2009 Long -93,16 631.46 4,973,070 4,879,910
1/14/2009 1/26/2009 Short 95.48 726.94 4,422,350 4,326,870
1/28/2009 2/10/2009 Long -13,18 713.76 4,518,720 4,505,540
2/17/2009 2/26/2009 Short 273.98 987.74 4,216,600 3,942,620
3/2/2009 3/4/2009 Short -180,87 806.87 3,710,070 3,890,940



On-line Trading

What does one understand by on-line Trading?

One understands the Trading on the Internet by on-line Trading.

Why on-line Trading?

On-line Trading is the quickest kind of the Tradings. Moreover, the fees are mostly relatively favorable with the on-line Trading.

For whom is on-line Trading suitable?

On-line Trading is suited for Trader which well know a lot about your PC and the Internet. Particularly Daytrader will appreciate the quickness with the on-line Trading. Also the often more favorable fees speak for the on-line Trading.

Which period is the right one with the on-line Trading?

One can pursue on-line Trading as a pure Daytrading. Also it is possible with the on-line Trading to act for a longer period. What lies best of all, one must find out with the on-line Trading himself.







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